Dragons of Our Lives: Episode 3 “Fruit Bowl 2014: The Throwdown”

Things get rough when Diane mentioned the peaches are not organic. 

the struggle is real

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La Dispute | Hudsonville Mi 1956

La Dispute new album! Thanks for always being an inspiration to me, LD ;D


not my photo, just my edit

La Dispute | Hudsonville Mi 1956

La Dispute new album! Thanks for always being an inspiration to me, LD ;D

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“Night is purer than day; it is better for thinking, loving and dreaming. At night everything is more intense, more true. The echo of words that have been spoken during the day takes on a new and deeper meaning.” Elie Wiesel, Dawn   (via -virtual)

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“A population that does not take care of the elderly and of the children and the young has no future because it abuses both its memory and its promise.” Pope Francis (via ofmelodiesanddandelionwishes)

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I want to say
that we were asleep
when it happened:
enchanted by the
hours between midnight &
two A.M.,
lulled into loving by
the lie of a
forty-degree day
in January-

my mouth suddenly
on yours & rather
enjoying it,
so much I didn’t
remember how to stop,
didn’t know anything
but this place
underneath the blankets
your heartbeat shattering
my jawbone.

It could have
been just the beginning of a dream,
that blue basement,
the red, red, red,
of your fingertips.

But you never remember
actually falling in dreams,
just the whistle of
air through your hair

and I remember hitting
the space within your eyes
and never letting go.

and when I left,
I tripped over
secrecy and blinked in
the glare of the midday sun:
the confusion of being
far too awake.


She Loves the Ocean

She loves the ocean:
the push&pull of
the tide
the space between
the depths.
She loves it because it’s as old
as the cliffs and older than the trees
yet remembers less:
and instead washes and whispers
taking the solid things:
the slate and shale
with it.


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What I should have said instead of “nothing” when you asked what I was thinking

I should have said
that I noticed
the way your
fingers climbed
the rungs of my
ribcage like they
would go straight
to heaven.

I should have said that
I love the way your
hair falls over your eyes,
that I could brush it away
for the next ten days,
ten months, or ten years
and be perfectly
happy with my place
in the universe

I should have said
that I felt the
desperation of the hummingbird
heartbeat in your
that I would never be the water
to the fire in your veins
that I’m only one one billionth
the weight of this
free falling planet:
I am no anchor.

But what I really should
have said is that
though we lack
a doormat, a roof
or even the
I should have said
that this
feels like


In a Dream

In a dream,

we filled the 

empty spaces

with the souvenirs 

of this life,

the mementos

of now

your lips on


hands in my hair.

In a dream

I found the world

in your eyes

and waved goodbye

to the scenery in

the rearview mirrors.

But later

we awoke

and discovered

to find

that black shadows

had crept over the fallen


and that we didn’t remember

anything of what

we’d done.



A Love Letter to Dear Milwaukee

I left my heart 

in this city:

It skates down Lake Drive,

the wind in its hair,

mouth wide open,

summer a whisper

on the late March air

I left my heart 

in this city:

It walks the old

railroad bridge,

remembers sitting

with you,

staring out at 

the hazy Milwaukee


climbing the rusty rungs while

holding your hand.

I left my heart

in this city:

though it almost got

stolen away to Texas

but knew that

it belongs in the streets

of its midwestern hometown

knew that sometimes you

have to wait through winter

to get to see the wildflowers

of June.

I left my heart 

in this city:

It beats in every sidewalk


knocks on 

every windowpane,

trying to find its way


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